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July 20, 2013
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Amaimon X Reader (She will be mine)
(f/c) = favourite colour
(h/l) = hair length
(h/c) = hair colour
(e/c) = eye colour
This is my first fan fiction, I hope you all like it, I don't own any of the characters in this as they are from Blue Exorcist...well enjoy.

Part 1

(Your POV)
You ran through the forest as your arm burnt from a long scratch down your shoulder, your breathing heavy as you fell to your knees still clutching your shoulder. You knew something was chasing you but you couldn't see it. Your vision became blurry a you fell flat on your stomach, a outline of a person was all you could see. You coughed, you voice weak as you hesitantly spoke "p-please tempaint..." You heard a squeal before you blacked out.

(Amaimon's POV)
I looked down at the human, sucking on my lollipop as I spotted a long cut on her shoulder, bleeding and becoming infected. I looked back at the girls sweating face as she barely whispered about needing help due to a demon tempaint. I  looked up as a goblin came up chasing after the girl, I scowled at it and it shrieked  in fear as it turned and went back from where it came from. I picked her up as I took her back to my older brothers house Mephisto, I took her inside as I lied her on the couch, seeing that Mephisto wasn't home I grabbed some stuff to help with the tempaint. I watched her as she lay on the couch asleep, her (h/c) hair laying slightly on her face, 'hmm....she's cute.' I thought as I watched her lay there.

(A few hours later)

(Your POV)
Your eyes fluttered open as you went to get up, you winced as pain shot through your shoulder, 'that's right I got cut by a demon...wait...where am I?!' You looked around until you heard a light snore, you looked down at your stomach seeing a head of green hair with a point of it sticking up in the middle. A boy was kneeling asleep, half on and half off the couch as his head lay on your stomach, his face laying in your direction. You sucked in a quick breath of air, deeply flushing. The boy had large bags under his eyes, he stirred a bit then opened his eyes, he looked up at you then where his head was laying as and lifted his head as he yawned. "You're awake...that's a good sign...I'm Amaimon." His voice was child like, his eyes looked up into yours, he had such lovely turquoise eyes. You stuttered a response "uh...I-I'm (first name)..." You looked at the bandages covering your shoulder "thank you for helping me Amaimon..."
He didn't hear you as he pondered on something then said your name, seeing how it tasted on his tongue "(first name)..."

(Amaimon's POV)
"(First name)..." It suited her well, I looked at her again, her (e/c) eyes looked back at me. My heart thumped hard in my chest which surprised me, (first name) was bewitching in her own mortal way', I got up and grabbed a glass of water, a packet of chips and a lollipop. She watched me as I did so with her beautiful (e/c) orbs, I paced back over and gave her the glass of water. She sat up a bit then drank it happily, I opened the chip packet and grabbed one out and put it gently on her lips.

(Your POV)
You drank the water he offered, as you brought the cup down, you were surprised as he placed a chip on your lips. You blushed lightly as you opened your mouth, then accidentally closing your lips before he got his fingertips away from your lips. "Ah...ah I-i'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." You blushed insanely as you kept apologising, all the while Amaimon kept looking at the fingers that had touched your lips.

(Amaimon's POV)
Her lips were soft and warm on my fingers, I looked back up at her "stop apologising...", I tore he lollipop wrapper off with my claws, sticking it in my mouth, I heard (first name) gasp.

(Your POV)
You gasped fearfully as you noticed his claws for the first time, realising that he was a demon, "y-your a demon..." When you first heard of the boys name you had thought it sounded familiar but had dismissed it at the time, "your A-Amaimon...king of earth..."
He cocked his head to the side "so you have heard of me...You're not in any real harm being here with me though."

(Amaimon's POV)
I swished the lollipop in my mouth from side to side, I leant my face close to (first name)'s, she blushed lightly as I looked in her (e/c) eyes. "My older brother will be here soon, i'll help you get home."

(Your POV)
You sighed sadly as you hung your head down, Amaimon looked at you curiously as he sucked on the lollipop. You looked back up at him with a grimace on your face, "I don't have a home."

(Amaimon's POV)
My heart thumped hard in my chest as her face showed sadness, I tried to slow it as I thought this over, "stay here with me and my older brother can stay in the spare room and sleep with me."

(Your POV)
Your face probably turned many different shades of pinks and reds as you took his words out of context slightly, "s-sleep with y-you...b-but your a demon...a-a-and i'm still a...a...." Your head was spinning at the thought and your heart thumped loud and fast in your chest that probably Amaimon could hear it. You looked back at Amaimon as he chuckled slightly, "I wasn't meaning it like that...but if you want to I wont decline a pretty girl like you." His face was inches from yours as you couldn't find any words to say. You hear a door opening and see another oddly dressed male with purple hair with a large curl sticking out at the top, he looked older then Amaimon. "Hellooo little brother...and miss...?" He grinned as he looked at me, a toothy smile. Amaimon's head turned quickly and gave the man a bland smile "Mephisto, how was work?"
"Paper work and watching Rin, can't complain though...he's coming along nicely to my who is this pretty girl?"
"I-I'm (first name)..."
"Well Miss (First name), I'm surprised you can see my brother...oh where are my manners, hehe, I'm Mephisto and i'm Amaimon's older brother." He bowed most gentlemen like, then looked back up at me and gave another smile.
Why wouldn't I be able to see Amaimon?"
"Ah, so you did catch on to that...well because most humans can't see Amaimon usually, even if a person can see demons or has been through the process of a demon tempaint."
You looked at Mephisto as he started to count in german "eins...zwie...drie..." with that he snapped his fingers as a puff of smoke surrounded him, as it cleared he was now wearing a silk robe. You looked at Amaimon then back at Mephisto as you asked "w-would I be able to take a bath to clean off?"
"Of course dear, Amaimon will show you where it is, I have stuff to attend to."
You got up gently, wincing slightly as pain shot through your shoulder, your eyes widened when you felt arms slither around you then picking you up carefully in a bridal style manner. You looked up at Amaimon who was carrying you to the bath room, you blushed insanely as he felt your eyes on him and looked down at you, "what?"
You looked away as you answered quietly "t-thank you." Amaimon didn't respond as he continued to carry you, a minute later you were at the door to the bathroom, he moved you carefully in his arms making sure not to drop you as he got one arm free to open the door. He sat you on the basin as he turned to the large bathtub, turning on the hot and cold to make it a suitable tempreture, he then grabbed a bottle and squeezed some of the liquid into the now filling bath, the scent of vanilla hit your nose as you smiled "mm.."
He turned the taps off once the steamy water was a few inches from the top, facing you he said as he stood in front of you, looking at you with a awkward face, he blushes lightly "you're going to have to take our clothes off...uh...let me help you or else your wound might reopen..."
You look at him surprised and blushing so many shades of red that you can feel heat coming off your cheeks "u-uh...o-o-ok..."
Amaimon looked away as he ran his claw over your shirt, cutting it off you so it falls behind you in two pieces. He then looked at your neck as he undid your (f/c) jeans, sliding them off your legs gently. The blush ran over your neck, chest and ears as you watched him do so. He put them on the tiled floor, as he wrapped his arms around your back starting to fiddle with the ridiculous bra clips, he kept his eyes on your neck. CLICK, it was undone, he gently slid it off your arms as he chucked it next to your jeans, he now closed his eyes as he slid off your (2nd f/c) panties, they laid next to your pile of clothes. He opened his eyes and looked at your face as he picked you up gently and placed you in the warm bubbly tub.

(Amaimon's POV)
Why did (first name) have to be so gawd damned gorgeous, I can't stop my heart from thumping a million miles an hour in my chest, a soft blush tinted my face as I placed her naked form in the tub, keeping my eyes from straying to her nether parts. What was this twisted in my gut and made my heart beat become uncontrollable. I walked to the door and stepped out, closing the door behind me. I'll talk to brother I decided, I walked to his room and knocked on the door. "WHAT?" Mephisto yelled through the door, I opened the door and walked in, I paced up to Mephisto's desk where he was going through some paper work. "Can I talk to you brother?"
He looked up at me curiously waiting for me to speak, "you know about all the emotions right..."
He nodded "of course, why?"
"Well...what's the emotion when you're near someone and your heat thumps hard in your chest and your gut does flips?"
Mephisto smirked up at me "that dear brother is called Lust."
"It's an emotion you feel when you like someone more then a friend dear brother. Do you like the new little deary?"
"I don't know yet." Having a possessive side I think a little on it.

(Mephisto's POV)
I looked at my dear little brother as a evil plan came to mind.

(Amaimon's/Mephisto's POV)
'I'm going to make her mine.'
I do not own Mephisto or Amaimon...though there very stuck on wanting to own you ;) wonder what will happen next...what's Mephisto thinking to do? hehehe...part 2 coming soon
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